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Marble effect - medium

Random colour - mini 


  • Balls with Benefits for 4 Paw Friends: This easy to clean dog toy is designed to enhance your dog's exercise ability, improve the response time, slow down eating speed & motivate your dog’s spirit
  • Durable Balls for Resilient Pets: High Bounce Dog Balls are made with premium natural rubber. Sign up for Subscribe & Save for an uninterrupted supply of balls for dogs without caring for toy wear out
  • Let the Wet Pet Decide: Pool - Splash - Floating Ball - You & Your Dog - Fun Pack Combo..! SPORTSPET balls will become their favourite toy in no time! They will love fetching, rolling & shaking
  • Dogs Know the Best: SPORTSPET dog balls stimulates the dog’s instinct for an engaging retrieving chase, making these rubber dog balls ideal for exciting games of fetch while improving the agility of your pet
  • Safety: SPORTSPET values your dog's safety. Our products are durable, not indestructible. Use under supervision and discontinue if damaged. Always select an appropriate ball size for your pet.


Ball holders:

Mini: Fits mini highbounce

Medium: Fits the medium highbounce holders

SportsPet HighBounce

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