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We are Chris and Charlotte

Throw N Go was founded February  2021, located in Northern Ireland. After a long walk alone, Evie our ball obsessed pooch did NOT want to carry her ball. Managing 2 leads, and a dog ball in the middle of winter my hands were freezing not to mention the fact it was pouring down. I proceeded to look online for a ball holder and couldn't find anything on the market. Dabbling with a few ideas, by June we had perfected our idea and Throw N Go was made. Our unique design allows for quick and easy release with a 'thumb hole' incorporated into our design, making it accessible to those with mobility issues. It can clip onto either a lead, bag, jeans to be kept close at hand. We are passionate about our ball holder and the Throw N Go family it has become. You can check us out on social media along with the community we have built with other ball obsessed pooches. We care about the environment and try where we can to be conscious of ways we can help. Our packaging is recyclable/compostable and our products are designed with the environment in mind - made with corn starch and sugarcain. 

Throw N Go pets

We have 3 pooches, Evie & Ronnie & Jodie

Evie is our ball crazed pooch, she inspired the 

TNG. It has also helped with her recall, she doesn't go 

too far when the ball is close.

Ronnie the pug, is a typical pug who loves to sleep, 

snore and more sleep. He gets random burst of energy and loves to tell of anyone who walks by the house. 

Jodie our most recent rescue is in training as when she arrived she hadn't had any off lead training. 

It will be a long time before she can be trusted off lead.  But thankfully they all enjoy off lead playtime in the local enclosed dog field.

We also have 3 bunnies, and 2 turtles.

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