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Like us, dogs will have their own preferences. Depending on your breed, size will play a huge factor on which ball is suitable.

We created over 7 sizes to cater

to all breeds.

Please visit our 'all holders' section

to read on which would be best suited

We stock many variations of dog balls on our website ranging from tennis balls to the rubber kind.


The CHUCKIT! Ultra Ball offers high bounce, buoyancy, visibility, and durability; This dog toy can be used in the water and is designed specifically for the game of fetch.

We also stock the CHUCKIT! ULTRA and their tennis balls, these are harder and coated in a soft felt surface for easy carrying.

Pet tennis balls


Soft and lightweight, these balls are perfect for use indoors or outdoors.

These tennis balls are strong but not indestructible, and will eventually become susceptible to damage.

Avoid using these types of balls on the beach as the added sand will become abrasive.

. Please supervise your pet with this toy, and examine regularly for wear and replace if any damage could be seen as a health hazard.

Human grade

tennis balls

Human grade tennis balls, are long lasting and lightweight. They also offer durability and visibility.

If chewed these balls have the ability to wear down teeth over a extensive time period. Avoid using these types of balls on the beach as the added sand will become abrasive.

As they are designed to be used by humans in sport, their manufacture is regulated, unlike the making of tennis balls for pets. Due to them being regulated, they contain no toxins or poisons, which cannot be said for pet tennis balls which are known to contain substances such as lead and arsenic. 

However no ball should be chewed as balls are designed to be used for fetch purposes and not as a chew toy.

Chewing any ball can result in a choking hazard.

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Unwanted tennis balls

If you decide you no longer want to use your tennis balls, we suggest you to recycle your old tennis balls in order to give them a second life! You are able to do this at some Decathlon's.

They are cleaned and sanitised then donated to charities / dog shelters and also made into flip flops!

Or take to a local charity.

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