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OMGOTH they are here!

Fresh Apple Scent

A new Bubba fave and will kill stinky smells fast!

50g clamshell

A fresh, diffusive green apple fragrance with top notes slightly twisted with pear and lychee supported by a middle note of apple and a hint of muguet resting on a base of apple and peach.

A refreshingly clean fruity apple throw

Features Odouraze, which neutralises malodours and eliminates pet smells

Vegan friendly


Pet friendly

Ok so we all have something in our homes that gets smelly right? Anything from a gaming teen that never leaves their room except to be fed and always leaves their plates in their room - to our beloved pets, yes we love them but not their smells! Or what about the husband that just never seems to shower as often as you would like🤣, or maybe you were cooking fish and now a guest is going to unexpectedly show up to your home! No time to get stinks out so use one of our odour eliminating fragrances to kill it fast!

Yes room sprays are coming in these scents too in time which will be even faster for those last minute guests or scent booster emergency!


Ok so pretty much all our fragrances will mask stinks for sure especially the stronger fruity ones! Like cherry boost or rainbow drops, however, we have now added more stronger fragrances that feature odouraze, a technology which is designed to tackle malodours for Home & Pet Smells. You will be able to own melts that remove bad smells and odours from your home!!

You're welcome!!

Wax melts - Fresh apple odor eliminator

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