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Summer 24 cocktail range? YES PLEASE! 


This is a PRE LAUNCH for sizes listed, they will be in the ombre colours. When we have numbers I will be able to let you select from the 3 colours. The reason for a pre launch is that we have to make multiple as one time rather than one.


Introducing for summer 2024 our stunning ombre collection, we've called it the cocktail range as they remind us of all the unique multi colour cocktails you get on holiday!


We have 3 different ombre effects, they may vary slightly but will be close to the images above, if you have an questions pop me a message.


Purple Rain - A Pastel pink/purple/blue ombre, afterall theres no summer withour a little rain


The Mermaid - A Subtle amount of pink then into a blue/sand colour 


Carribean Sunrise - Imagine being on holiday as the sun rises from the pale sale and the glow of pink/purple tones emerge... this is exactly what carribean sunrise looks like


All imges on Instagam 


Pre launch Ombre's

    THROW N GO LOGO_edited.png
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